The PROTXS Shield will not interfere with reception since it operates on a different signal. On the contrary there is some evidence that it actually helps the signal to your device.

You can put the PROTXS device in your phone case or you can stick it to your phone. It’s a matter of convenience. For laptops and computers, we recommend sticking it to the computer so you don’t lose the shield. Putting inside the case will not decrease the PROTXS devices effectiveness.

It does not matter what mobile phone you use since all phones emit EMF’s. The PROTXS device works on all phones and wireless devices including Apple, Andriod, google or any others.

The device doesn’t show any observable signs of working since EMF’s are invisible as are the mechanics of the chip. Some people who have a hypersensitivity to EMF’s might experience less head aches and other positive changes. However not everyone will experience this but EMF’s are still negatively affecting your body. It doesn’t matter which direction the PROTXS device is facing.

The PROTXS device is designed to last for the life of the device it’s placed on. Our original prototypes are testing just as strong as the day they were made. As long as the conductive silver antenna is in contact with the mineralized layer your PROTXS deice will work just fine. Since they do not have a shelf life, we would only suggest getting one for other devices in your home. Many people have them on all their computers, wireless routers, tablets, car dashboard, and cell phones.

Not yet! We are looking into future products that you can wear. Since the science is in our material blend it can be useful in different applications. We are actively researching this.

We have released a product called Protxs Pets in the form of a charm that can be put on a collar that will protect them as well. Tests have shown that EMF does cause cancer on animals. A lot of us leave our pets inside when we are out and more often than not our WiFi devices are still powered, Lets protect them as well.

At each step in the development of the multi-layered material, tests were done to document the beneficial effects on living systems, using a variety of procedures. We searched for a device that could measure the effects of EMR on the body and brain. Cyberscan was capable of doing this. Most EMR (cell phone) tests show the effect of heat on the brain. Although this is a concern, it is not our primary goal of the PROTXS Device. Our goal is to offer protection from the EMR and its effects on living organisms. Cyberscan is a FDA approved device that allows us to see the effects on the brain (specifically Blood Brain Barrier – BBB) when exposed to EMF radiation.

We have also used Heart Rate Variability (HQHeart Quest) and its ability to measure brain activity. Results showed lowering of brain activity when exposed to EMR. We have also used kinesiology with assistance from Dr. Dennis Cousinau. This test can be performed with subjects in the field. Dr. Bernd-Helmut Kroeplin author of, "The World in a Drop." He and his research team conducted saliva tests using mobile phone radiation and PROTXS device. Nena Niessen, author of, "The Secret Life of Plants," and "Cures From The Kitchen" has worked with a group of UCLA Medical Students to conduct blood tests using our product as well.

Note: We understand that people wish more information. We have always planned on further research. We are dedicated to continual research and use of measurement devices.

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