About Us

What we do

PROTXS Australia have a range of products that alleviate the impact on the human body from new technologies. The alarming number of mobile devices in our homes, workplaces, schools and many other places,  gives us and our families little protection from the volume of Radio Frequency radiation (RF) and Electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are emitted from these devices. The radiation(s) are absorbed into our bodies. The RF-EMF that these devices emit are classed in the same category as asbestos and exhaust emission by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

PROTXS has been able to produce a suite of products that re-mediate the effects that invisible electromagnetic radiations have on us. Though each step in the development, tests were done to document the beneficial effects on the living system using a range of procedures.

How it works

Piezoelectric materials are the core of wireless communication that enable the technologies to work effectively and efficiently. Using a blend of natural products with piezoelectric properties that can reflect and absorb electromagnetic noise and thereby block the harmful effects on humans by modern communication. These materials can selectively allow signals to pass through to ensure your device still works properly while blocking others.

The Protxs chip assists in transferring the EMF signal to and from the PROTXS materials through the conductive silver antennae/receiver. The properties of the materials have a native resonance frequency (NRF) that is vibrated by the electromagnetic frequency. Protxs material can re-mediate, the disruptive segments of the signal by absorbing, cancelling and reflecting many of the harmful elements for the energy transfer of the EMF signal. The harmful effects of EMR can be mediated by the proprietary compound of natural solid materials while not interfering with the wireless communication. It is an understanding of life’s natural bio electric frequency and the harmful effects of EMF imposed by man made electromagnetic devices (mobile phones, phones, routers, etc.). PROTXS uses the science of the phone technology to help bring it in harmony with life.

PROTXS History

Dr. Michel Halliday, DC, founded PROTXS. Born in Durban, South Africa. Dr. Halliday’s vision of service goes far beyond just his local community, as he is also active in humanitarian organizations.

Dr. Halliday started to expand his work on total health by understanding hydration and electrolyte balances in the body and the role they play in health. During this research he uncovered the amount of data that was available on electromagnetic radiation and its effects on water and people. This new concern–electromagnetic radiation–and its effects on health, especially for children, was alarming. This set him on a new journey of understanding and then being a leader in the new field of Energy Medicine. He has sought out and worked with scientific leaders in this field to understand the effects of EMR and to develop products to mitigate the effects. This work has lead to the development of PROTXS.

Become a PROTXS Partner

Opportunities currently exist across Australia and New Zealand to become a retail partner, business to business partner or consumer partner with Protxs Australia and Protxs New Zealand. For more information please email our director Dennis Eyck for further details at dennis.eyck@protxsaustralia.com.au

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